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New editions of F. Newman Turner’s organic farming classics are published by Acres U.S.A (

Fertility Farming

In Fertility Farming F. Newman Turner sets out the principles of organic and sustainable agriculture and describes how he turned an ailing West Country farm into a fertile and productive system. It gives practical advice for the use of composting, cover crops, avoidance of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and minimal use of the plough


A guide to rearing healthy cattle based on healthy, chemical-free pastures. Gives advice on stock selection, breeding, feeding, and preparation for show and sale. Includes advice for the novice herdsman and a why and how of the breeds.

Fertility Pastures

How to build soil fertility with deep-rooting herbal leys. Healthy soil supports healthy livestock and this book describes how to prepare pastures for year-round grazing and make silage for self-feeding. Explains the properties of the main plants in the herbal ley.

Cure Your Own Cattle

A practical guide to restoring and maintaining the health of livestock without resort to chemical drugs, vaccines, and antibiotics. Advice on the use of herbs, fasting, and natural rearing. Includes the story of a challenge to the Foot and Mouth Disease policy of the time which is still relevant today.