F Newman Turner Bibliography

Cure Your Own Cattle, (1950, revised 1954) The Farmer Publications, Bridgewater, Somerset (Booklet)

Foot and Mouth Disease – a challenge (1952) The Animal Defence and Anti- Vivisection Society, London (Pamphlet)

Fertility Farming, (1951) Faber & Faber, London

Herdsmanship, (1952) Faber & Faber, London

Fertility Pastures, (1955) Faber & Faber, London

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Some other books featuring F. Newman Turner

The Organic Tradition, Philip Conford (Ed.) (1988) Green Books, Bideford, Devon. ISBN 1-870098-09-9

The Origins of the Organic Movement by Philip Conford. (2001) Floris Books, Edinburgh. ISBN 0-86315-336-4

Fighting Like the Flowers by Lawrence D. Hills (1989) Green Books, Bideford, Devon. ISBN 1-870098-30-7